House&Loft works everyday to make your home a dream come true and to help those in need. That's why we decided to donate 1% of our commission to not-profit organizations who daily try to make life better for those who are in difficulty. Those who decide to buy or sell their houses with us can choose the not-profit organization that will benefit of our donation from a bucket of associations selected by us, to promote:

- Childhood's defense

- Health and disability assistance

- Human Rights protection

The adoption of a puppy service dog of the National Service of Guide-Dogs Lions it's one of our great success, thanks to these donations from House & Loft those puppies will grow up and be trained as service dog for blind people. Another important voluntary project is plan to the adoption and support of two different nurseries managed by the African NGO Mariana, one of the most historical reality of international volunteering.

Torneo House&Loft

Opera Cardinal Ferrari Onlus
Opera Cardinal Ferrari Onlus is one of the oldest private charitable institutions in Milan and offers every day to more than 220 people living in extreme poverty (mostly elderly and homeless) what they need to live with dignity: food, clothing but also opportunities of socialization and reintegration.

Torneo House&Loft

National Service Guide's Dogs of Lions
The National Service Guide's Dogs of Lions has as its purpose to provide free guide's dogs to blind people in order to make them more independent in daily activities. The Service deliver for free over than 50 dogs a year, trained in the center of Limbiate, which also provides temporary shelter for the blind and their families.

Torneo House&Loft

Onlus Mariana
Onlus Mariana has an ambitious but realistic target: offer at least 100,000 children a chance to study. The target is pursued through the development and management of infant educational centers in the most disadvantaged and poor areas of the world. In Particular House & Loft supports the development and maintenance of two nursery school in Eritrea.


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