Luxury real estate and luxury living can be told through this phrase: "It’s like fashion!", uttered by one of the most important American real estate agents while turning over the business card of Luca Santoro, founder of the House&Loft brand. A completely black ticket with white lettering and a red claim under the logo: "International Luxury Living". That ticket was able to convey the innovative idea of House&Loft luxury real estate.

House&Loft has anticipated the orientations of luxury real estate and its demanding clientele that sought and still looks for luxury living, the typical elements of the fashion system: beauty and exclusivity.
Since 2001, the year of its birth, House&Loft has been the protagonist of thousands of real estate transactions of lofts, villas, historic houses, castles, penthouses and charming apartments in the most renowned Italian and international locations, thanks to a network of professionals working in the various company headquarters. House&Loft has thus been able to use, on a large scale and in an exclusive market, the cross-selling of luxury real estate, offering luxury real estate opportunities in the world exclusively for the Italian market and, at the same time, presenting a broad international market selection of prestigious homes in Italy

 In 2012 House&Loft sensed the need for a change in the luxury real estate market: to cover the most sought after places of international luxury living with an innovative company structure based on a network of partners that share the same know-how and the same luxury culture.

After all, market trends, even in luxury real estate, should be anticipated, don't follow ... It’s like fashion!


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